PMT Medical Soft-Touch Cloth Electrodes with Tyco Gel

  • Electrodes life-span and effectiveness can be enhanced by rubbing a small drop of water on the pad after use Always keep your pads in the air tight package directly after use.
  • For best therapy results, it is recommended that your Electrodes are replaced after the conductive gel starts to wear down. This occurs after 10-15 uses per pad, depending on the length of the use.
  • A self adhesive reusable disposable electrode with a pig tail pin connector.
  • Available with a carbon and a blue cloth backing.
  • Oval corners help minimize edge curl.
  • Our brand of electrodes delivers great dispersion, durability, and is valued priced.
  • Average use is 10-15 uses, with reseal able pouch.
  • Package comes with 4 electrodes.