Prevail® Adjustable Underwear

For Moderate to Heavy Incontinence

With Easy to Grip Stretchable Reattaching Tabs and easily opened side seams, the Prevail® Adjustable Underwear is ideal for on the go or in bed use. These two features allow the wearer to either pull the underwear up & down like regular underwear or :

  1. Open the side seams.
  2. Place underwear through the legs (without removing any clothes/shoes).
  3. Reattach sides with Stretchable tabs & pull up & down!

Prevail® Adjustable Underwear provides ease of application away from home when it is not convenient to remove clothes or shoes.

  • Easy to Grip Stretchable Reattaching Tabs.
  • Pull Up and Down Like Regular Underwear OR
  • Tear Sides Seams and Place Between Legs to Put On Without Removing Any Clothing.
  • Skin Smart™.
  • Cloth-Like Outer Fabric.
  • Advanced Zoning System®.