Prevail® Simply StretchFit™ Adult Briefs

Prevail® StretchFit™ Dual Size System

With Stretchy Side Panels 2 sizes of Prevail® StretchFitTM will fit most, even beyond the traditional XLarge brief.

More Efficient

Fewer items with less time spent managing a sizing system results in more effecient use of your staff’s time.

Simple Budget

Both sizes of Prevail® StretchFit™ are the same price per piece. With the same price, sizing doesn’t impact your budget, taking the financial risk out of sizing misuse.


  • Stretchy Side Panels
  • Breathable Zones
  • Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
  • Dual Easy-Lock Refastening Strips
  • Odor Guard
  • Quick Wick
  • Direct Lock Panels
  • Sizes are measured by waist and hip.